Dog Puzzles You’ll Adore!

 My ‘Best 3’ Dog Puzzles

White Mountain Puzzles, made in the USA, have a delightful selection of dog puzzles. True to all White Mountain Puzzles, these dog puzzles have an educational theme. Any dog-lover would be absolutely thrilled to receive one of these as a gift. The World of Dogs, the Dog Daze and the Dog House are my personal favorites. They are truly great fun to do. It’s really exciting assembling the pieces together, seeing the dogs start to take shape, and then identifying all the different breeds.

Puzzle dimensions

All these three puzzles measure 20″ x 40″ when complete. Each one contains 1000 pieces and being an eco-friendly company, recycled carboard is used in their manufacture. The recommended age for these puzzles is for anyone aged over12 years. However, for a family with younger children these puzzles make a great family holiday activity.

White Mountain Puzzles World of Dogs 

world of dogs

This beautiful puzzle is created by the artist, Ernest Brown and is really a work of art. This puzzle definitely represents the ‘World of Dogs’! Detailed drawings of an enormous number of dogs from all over the world adorn the puzzle. There is a central couryard with rows of dogs. Surrounding this central area are smaller portraits of dogs. These dogs are shown in front of the flags of their origin. The country’s name as well as breed are clearly printed near each dog. This certainly does help when piecing the puzzle together and also turns a fun puzzle into a truly educational puzzle. One black cat has even strayed into this puzzle!

Online this delightful puzzle can be bought for about $16.

White Mountain Puzzles Dog Daze

dog puzzles

This jigsaw puzzle is created by the artist, Tomoyo Pitcher. It artistically depicts masses of dogs,all sitting upright, as if posed for the ‘camera’. The composition is really charming and there is no space at all that is not filled by a dog! This puzzle is great fun especially for an animal lover. Lots of excitement trying to identify the many breeds! The identification does represent more of a challenge as they are not labelled as in the ‘World of Dogs’ puzzle. The colors are vibrant and this puzzle will keep you absorbed for many an hour!

Online this beautiful puzzle can be bought for about $20

White Mountain Puzzles Dog House

dog puzzles

Created by the artist Lewis T Johnston, the dogs have over run the living room! Dogs everywhere, and no respect for any of the furniture! There’s even a puppy enjoyed a bone on the carpeted floor. Not a human in sight! Dogs rule, certainly not ‘a dog’s life’! It’s obvious that a real dog lover decorated this room. Illustrations of dogs adorn the decorative plates in the cabinets and dog ornaments sit on the mantelpiece. There is even a dog portrait on the wall. A grumpy old dog sits on the rocking chair. Many of the dogs are depicted facing the viewer. I can imagine these dogs thinking ‘what are you doing here, can’t you see this is our living room’!

This charming puzzle can be bought online for about $16

Take you pick and enjoy your White Mountain dog puzzles!

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White Mountain Puzzles

White Mountain Puzzles – Proudly American!

White Mountain Puzzles was established in 1978. From the start these puzzles were a real hit and now over thirty years later the company still successfully produce fantastic puzzles. Based in Jackson, New Hampshire, White Mountain Puzzles-Posters are proud of their “Made in the U.S.A” logo. Many of the puzzles have patriotic themes, for example, the American presidents, American history and the great outdoors. A number of American landmarks and resorts are also featured in the puzzles, taken from an unusual bird’s eye view. These are really educational and what a fantastic way to learn your geography and history!

White Mountain Puzzles

Artistic Masterpieces!

All the puzzles are beautifully created by artists who can take months before the final copy is ready for reproduction. Approximately half of the designs are made under license from well known artists, so the images are well designed, challenging and a lot of fun.

Inspirational themes, the sea, pets and sport are just some of the wide selection available. And we can’t forget the beautiful landscape puzzles, a real favorite among many jigsaw puzzle addicts. For all the British Royal family fans, there’s even a puzzle featuring a beautiful photo of the marriage of Prince William and Kate!

White Mountain Puzzles offer an enormous variety of very appealing puzzles ranging from 550 to 1,500 pieces. Jigsaw puzzles are fun while at the same time being educational and a great stress reliever. Without a doubt, you’ll find your perfect puzzle in this range!

White Mountain Puzzles

Something special!

White Mountain Puzzles market a few unusual items for the person who wants something different. Consider the post card puzzle if you want to send something unusual to a friend. There is a selection of these puzzles, each one very beautifully created by artists. They measure 6” x 7 ¾” and consist of 24 pieces. Write your message and the message becomes part of your puzzle post card!

Puzzle of the Month Club!

Another creative idea from White Mountain Puzzles is their Puzzle of the Month Club. What a wonderful gift for any jigsaw fanatic! One of the top selling puzzles of the month is sent every month to the lucky person for 6 or 12 months, depending on your subscription.  Creative marketing couldn’t get much better than this!

This offer is only available to customers in the U.S.A.

Climbing the Mountain!

The story of White Mountain Puzzles is an interesting one. The owners were partners illustrating “birds-eye view” posters for gift shops and restaurants. The illustrations were complex, full of information and of course full of color – perfect ingredients for a jigsaw puzzle. Customers remarked on what fantastic puzzles these would make and soon after White Mountain Puzzles was born! The company now sell more than a million puzzles a year.

Reaching the Peak!

Technology has come a long way since the first puzzles were made in the late 1800’s. White Mountain Puzzles are extremely accurately made and are of a superior quality. A popular trend nowadays is to frame ones jigsaw puzzle – preserving the memory of your climb to the mountain peak! Enjoy

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